Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mood Board: Kitchen 1.0

Well, I said we were going to and we did! Hopefully they don't disappoint. 
Nick and I both made a mood board for our future kitchen that is going to need a complete renovation. Everything from the old tile floor with stained grout, to the terrible drop ceiling with fluorescent lights, yeah, it all has to go. 

Even though we're a long way off from being able to complete a complete renovation (it definitely isn't at the top of our list. revisit: #moldproblems) it is still fun for us to come up with design ideas for when we can afford it!

Here is what I have come up with so far...

Sam's Kitchen Mood Board

Sam's Kitchen Mood Board by sammywalton featuring IKEA

For details on items in my mood board click on this link

Like I've said, this is the very, very, utmost beginning stages of this kitchen redesign. However, we are already set on a few things. I would absolutely love a big white farmhouse sink, seriously, I'll never complain about doing dishes again once I get one of these bad boys! 

And here is Nick's...


To see the details on items in Nick's mood board, click here.

As you can see, we have pretty much agreed on every aspect of this room. It's fun to see what is important to each of us. Clearly, Nick is more concerned with the actual appliances. (Note: the cooktop, fridge, and oven!) He does the vast majority of the cooking, so it makes sense that those are his main concern. They're important to me too, obviously, but I also love shiny tiles. 

We have also agreed on a ECO countertop by Cosentino. It is made from 75% recycled materials, and even the water it is manufactured with is 94% reused. While we definitely aren't going with the most eco-conscious everything, we are absolutely going to try and make Earth friendly choices when possible. The flooring is another item that was chosen because its design and appearance appealed to us (and lets be honest, at $3.49/sq ft the price doesn't hurt!), but also because it is an eco friendly flooring option. The bark of the cork is harvested and peeled without destroying the tree. It grows back and can even be harvested again, pretty cool!

The general "theme" of the home is going to be pretty heavily industrial, but I definitely want to mix in lots of classic elements and crisp clean colors to keep the whole thing from feeling like a salvage warehouse. Nick and I both really like the exposed iron pipe furniture and accessories, which is super on trend right now. Plus, there are tons of DIY's floating around! Like this one for a plumbing pipe light fixture (shown in my mood board!) oooh, or this one for a coffee table! 

I'm sure that we'll have our fair share of compromises to come to once it actually comes time to start the renovation. In the meantime I'll bask in the happy glow of agreeing with my partner.

How do you come to design compromises with your significant other? 

XO Sam

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