Monday, February 3, 2014

The Tiniest of Changes

First thing the other morning, actually while still lying in bed. I rolled over and asked Nick if I could remove our ugly glass shower door. He just kind of laughed at me and was all "sure, Sam do whatever". Not in those actual words, but it was pretty clear that he couldn't care less. So, a few hours later while Harper ran around our bedroom I took a screwdriver to the thing.

I haven't shared any pictures of this room before, but here is the Before.

Then here is the in progress shot, after I removed the door. That thing was way heavier than I thought it was going to be, therefore it will sit in the shower until Nick gets home to haul it outside.

I don't know if you can even classify this as a "Project" because of how simple it was. I took a few pictures though, just incase anyone wants to open up their bathroom as well! 

First you need to look at the track that is holding the door in place, and the one that it latches into when closed to see what kind of screwdriver you'll need. 

Five of the screws were flatheads, but the last one was a phillips. So I went and dug through a box to find the biggest flathead I could, and a phillips that I thought might fit. 

It just took a little bit of elbow grease to get those old screws out of there. They were pretty corroded and rusted from all their years in a steamy shower.

Pretty isn't it? Nope. However most of that black grime scrubbed off pretty nicely, and I just took the flathead and chipped off the remainder of that old dried up caulk.

I then moved onto the other side that had the door. I had originally intended to take the door off of the track before I removed it from the wall. However, those screws were completely rusted and I could not get them to budge, at all. So, the door and track stayed connected and I did the same thing on that side. 

There is that whole, missing-tile-and-screw-holes thing but I figure, within a few years we'll be completely gutting this bathroom anyway. So, for now it is an improvement. 

Err, it will be once I find a curtain rod for that tiny of a doorway! The opening is only 22" across, and it has been a bit of a challenge to find a curtain rod that size. I want to hang the rod as high as I can in that little space, and then put up a plain white curtain. I love how they look clean and simple, and also that they let enough light in to the shower while still giving you coverage. 

Guess I'll have to keep searching!


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