Thursday, February 6, 2014

No Strings Attached

Nick has been working on one of the biggest projects that we've ever taken on. Because of our budget we're doing it in stages, so I won't be sharing the "After" photos quite yet. Mainly because, I don't have any, aaaand the project is barely half done.

Regardless, this project required that we buy a new drill. Nick was working with an old one that he just happened to have lying around his apartment when I first met him, about 4 years ago. So yeah, it was time.

Luckily, the lovely John and Sherry over at Young House Love made the purchase pretty easy for me thanks to one of their recent posts about their 5 favorite power tools. I was reading some of the reviews for the drill that is mentioned in the post (Which can be found on Amazon here) and comparing them to items that were available at our closest Lowe's. 

That's when I found this bad boy...

Black & Decker Matrix 20-Volt Max 3/8-in Cordless Drill

After checking out what was available we figured that we'd rather invest a little bit more now, and not have to buy a new drill within a next few years (hopefully longer!) than to try and skimp and  save. 

Plus, something that we thought was really cool about the new Matrix line is that you can purchase different attachments that fit onto the drill base. Attachments like a Router, an Oscillating tool, a Detail Sander, and a Jigsaw. (Truth: I only know what 2 of those things are used for)After checking online and seeing that they had 13 in stock, we decided to rush out and pick it up that day! 

It had recently gone on sale for 14% off, dropping the price from  $69.97 to $59.98. My grandparents had graciously given us a Lowe's gift card for Christmas that we had yet to use, AND because we just moved we received two 10% off coupons in the mail. Sadly, they can't be combined, but that just means that we'll get to save it and use it on a future purchase! 

So, after everything, we ended up spending a whopping $13.03 on our new power tool!

Now we're even more excited to finish our project and share it with you!


P.S. Our furnace stopped working late yesterday afternoon. With it being only 3 degrees outside, we are less than thrilled. I will be spending the day trying to keep myself and Harper from freezing. Already baked one batch of cookies!

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