Friday, August 16, 2013

Pinspiration: Living Room Edition

Earlier today I posted a link to my Pinterest boards

If you checked them out, you probably noticed a few of my inspiration boards for the new house!(I've only been pinning to these boards for a few weeks now, so they're still a little empty. Bear with me for a bit while I continue to add to them!)

The main floor living room has windows looking out into the front of the house. It is connected to the main hallway with the main staircase and you can see into the breakfast nook.(Do you think I could have said "main" any more in that past sentence?) 

We're thinking that it will probably be used mostly for when people come for a visit, and possibly to lounge while dinner is cooking. We don't want to put a TV in this room, because I just hate it when I drive by a house and can see their TV through the front windows. No thanks! 

Not that we're fancy or anything, but I think we want it to be more of a "formal living room" maybe a little more "put together" than the basement family room? At least in my dreams that's how I picture it. Yeah, sometimes I dream about our new living room. 

Anyways! These are some of our current key inspiration pieces for this new space!

White Washed Fireplace
(Source unknown)

Benjamin Moore Paint Palette 

I'm really thinking that the whole vibe of the house is going to be pretty cool, calm, and collected. Maybe then my life will start to reflect that? Eh? Really though, we're just very drawn to the cooler tones, like blues, greys and some greens, rather than warm ones, like yellows, tans and reds. We don't have a master color palette, yet! But once it's been created I'll definitely share that as well!

XO Sam

If you want to watch my inspiration board continue to grow, check it out here

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