Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Um What?!

So, maybe you have noticed that a few of the previous posts are now missing pictures.

Let me explain...

I had previously downloaded the Blogger app on my cell phone so that I could monitor the blog throughout the day without having to log onto my laptop. I was trying to clear extra storage space on my cell and noticed that there was an album of pictures titled "Blogger". I assumed that this was a back-up of all the pictures that were uploaded and already published on the blog. (Kind of like how my phone also has an "Instagram" folder that saves all my uploaded pictures.) I quickly deleted all of these pictures, thinking nothing of it. Then a few days later I was checking out my old blog posts, itching to write up a new one, and noticed something weird. All of my photos had been replaced by little  -  symbols. Ugh!
Why on earth would the photos be linked through my cell phone's photo gallery!? I uploaded all of my pictures from my laptop, not my phone!

I digress, it really bummed me out. Especially because I had just done a major sweep of my laptop and cleared out my trash, permanently. So, lots of those pictures are now gone forever.

I've tried to begin to go back to replace some of the photos, but I know it doesn't have the same effect because I can't remember exactly what ones went with each paragraph. I'll continue to go back and replace what I am capable of. But those first posts are probably going to be forever blank.

Oh, and just so you know, I immediately deleted the app from my cell and will strictly be monitoring from my laptop from now on! (P.S. Deleting the pictures totally didn't even create enough space to upload my music! Wasn't even worth it! Whaaa!)

Nick, Harper, and I are all taking a trip up to our hometown this weekend. I'll be busy packing and getting ready. It will be the first trip Nick has taken up there since Harper was born! I'm super excited, but also really nervous about the logistics of Harper sleeping in a hotel.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Happy Fall-
XO Sam

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